Custom Drinking Station & Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

What is a Custom Drinking Station & Reverse Osmosis Water System?

The “Custom Drinking Station” differentiates itself from a standard reverse osmosis because of its capability to be truly customized. By using 7 to 10 stages of purification it can add the essential minerals (Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium) back into the water in a 100% water-soluble state as well as having the capability of raising the Ph for those that prefer Alkaline water.
Standard Reverse Osmosis is a process that removes contaminants from water with aid of 3 stages of filtration and produces bottled quality drinking water each day without the fear of Bisphenol (BPA) leaching into your water.


Reverse osmosis is a process for removing contaminants from water, which was developed in the late 1940’s. The basic definition of reverse osmosis is forcing a fluid through a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only molecules smaller than the membrane’s pores to pass on. The pure water molecules that are allowed to pass through the membrane have had all contaminants removed to within 1/1000 of a micron.

RO-50 Reverse Osmosis System

Our RO-50 is Made In America and uses a 3-stage process to remove contaminants from your drinking water.

The RO-50 Filtration Process:

Step 1:

Sediment and chlorine are removed using a catalytic carbon filter that protects the semipermeable membrane

Step 2:

A semipermeable membrane removes all harmful contaminants to 1/1000 of a micron.

Step 3:

An organic coconut carbon block filter polishes the purified water and enhances the taste.


Custom Drinking Station (CDS)

Our Custom Drinking Water station is customizable according to your needs and desired level of purification.

You can customize it to produce Alkaline water, Mineral water or Reverse Osmosis only.

This system uses 4 to 10 stages, depending on your needs.

Stage 1:

Multi stage pre filter, triple layered, traps particles of 5 microns or larger, surpasses industry standards

Stage 2:

Coconut carbon block, 100% organic coconut shell carbon, removes organic and inorganic chemicals, VOCs, chlorine, taste, and odor, surpasses industry standards

Stage 3:

Semipermeable membrane, produces 75GPD, removes all harmful elements such as viruses, bacteria, biological and chemical contaminants to 0.001 microns, only allowing pure water molecules for consumption

Stage 4:

Customizable filter: Aqua4Plus Filter or Aqua7Plus Filter

Final Stage:

An organic coconut carbon block filter polishes the purified water and enhances the taste.

We had an excellent experience overall. The soft water and reverse osmosis systems were installed the next day after inquiry. Eric was very informative and patient with questions about system maintenance. Highly recommend!

Brian D.

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