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Why do you need a Water Softener System in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas water is hard on your skin. It can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and scaly – kind of like a desert lizard. Hard minerals clogs your pores preventing moisture from being absorbed in your skin. A water softener installation in your home will improve the quality of the water. Our Custom 2000 Water Softener eliminates the components that makes your water hard, sediments that weren’t removed by the Las Vegas Water Authority.

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Water Softening Supplier in Las Vegas NV

Custom 2000

as low as $18/mo., oac.

$0 Money DOwn.

High Capacity Cation Resin

Provides maximum softening by removing calcium and magnesium.

Brine Deck

Helps to eliminate salt or potassium bridging.

Safety Float Brine Valve

Prevents overflow of water from brine tank.

Minerals Removed

Calcium, Magnesium and Iron

I can’t say enough nice things about Soft Water Nevada. I was impressed with Eric which did a consultation over the phone and went through the process online. He was great explaining everything and I felt very comfortable going with him. I was on the fence for several years and the water has been getting worse over the years destroying my hair and skin here in Las Vegas and I always thought it was the hair products so I kept buying and returning. Then after going out of state and staying with family that had a softener system I found out without the benefit of a doubt it was definately the hard water. I decided to bite the bullet and go for it with a drinking water system as well. I couldn’t put up with it any longer. I would never go back it’s night and day how much difference there is after one washing. The installation guys were also awesome, did a great job, explained everything as they progressed. Izzy was the greatest. If you are on the fence, get off and get the system installed, you’ll love it as much as I do. Soft Water Nevada is the best and top notch.

Deborah Odegaard

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