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Water Softener and Reverse osmosis las vegas nv

Would you go to a Podiatrist to have your tooth pulled? Why go to a plumber for water softening? Soft Water Nevada-it's all we do.

Choose which water system will best fit your family’s need.

resolve hard water problem with water softeners soft water nevada

Water Softeners

Financing as low as $18/month aoc.

High Capacity Cation Resin

Eliminates Minerals

water conditioners by softwaternevada

Water Conditioners

Financing as low as $25/month aoc.

High Capacity Cation Resin

Eliminates Minerals & Conditions

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Best Water Purification System in Las Vegas NV SSR PLUS

Water Refiners

Financing as low as $41/month aoc.

3 Step or 8 Step Refining

Eliminates Minerals, Conditions & Refines

Limited Lifetime Warranty

no-salt-system soft water nevada

Salt Free Treatment Systems

Financing as low as $35/month aoc.

High Capacity Cation Resin

Limited Lifetime Warranty

custom drinking-water-system softwaternevada reverse osmosis

Drinking Water Systems | Reverse Osmosis

Replenishes essential minerals

High PH Alkaline Water Available

High Quality Water

Clean, Clear, Spot Free Water Throughout Your House. Get Softer, Healthier Skin.

Established in 1997

Serving Las Vegas in Residential And Commercial Water Purification Systems

Free Water Analysis

No Purchase Needed. No High Pressure Sales, Just Honest Advice And Quality Service.

Why Do You Need a Water Softening System in Las Vegas

Softer, Healthier Skin

Las Vegas water is hard on your skin. It can leave your skin feeling dry, itchy and scaly – kind of like a desert lizard. Hard minerals clogs your pores preventing moisture from being absorbed in your skin.

Better tasting and clean water

Our water softener systems removes the components that makes your water hard, sediments that weren’t removed by the Las Vegas Water Authority and also removes the foul chlorine taste and odor that is prevalent in city water.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Water Systems are manufactured solely for Las Vegas’ Hard Water.

Residential and Commercial Installation of New Water Systems and Repairs

All of our equipment is made in the U.S.A.

Highly rated on Google! Genuine service, no lengthy sales pitches. Let us EARN your trust.

Most of our Water Systems are covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

We do not sub-contract, all of our installers and repair technicians are our employees.

Getting a Water Softener System in Nevada Has Never Been Easier

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Soft Water Nevada aims to educate the community on how to obtain clean and healthy water in their homes.  We provide specialized purification equipment for every homeowners individualized needs. We offer a solution to your water issue, not just a patch.

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Water Softening Supplier in Las Vegas NV
Water Softening Supplier in Las Vegas NV
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Water Softening Supplier in Las Vegas NV
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