No Salt Water Conditioner Systems

What is a No Salt Water Conditioner?

This is a four stage No Salt Whole House Water Treatment system custom designed and manufactured for Las Vegas hard water. It is environmentally friendly with no chemicals added. Non-electric model is available for those who want their Las Vegas home to remain eco-friendly and “green.”

resolve hard water problem with water softeners soft water nevada

Most of our Water Systems are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

No-Salt-Water-Treatment-System-salt free water softener

No Salt Water Treatment System

as low as $33/mo., oac.

$0 Money DOwn.

Filter AG Plus

Reduces suspended solids down to 5 microns or less.ng medias.

Granulated Activated Carbon

Removal of chlorine, bad tastes, odor, microbiological organisms, and many other organic chemicals.

K.D.F. 55

Removes heavy metals, creates a bacteria-static environment, extends life of carbon, modifies electron structure of hard minerals to help protect plumbing.


Clarifies water, prevents channeling to ensure proper water distribution through cleaning medias.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Overall amazing experience! I was looking for a water conditioner after moving to Vegas and met with a few companies. By the time I talked with Eric, I was so confused and had no idea what to pick. Eric was nice enough to walk through all the systems, educate us on the water here and recommend the best system for us. He will tell you they are not the cheapest or most expensive. Which is definitely true since I vetted quite a few. His systems are reasonably priced and are also designed for the water here. His biggest point of difference was the certified drinking system. Everyone else solely sold a reverse osmosis system, which will remove even the good minerals out of your drinking water. Installation day went smoothly. They installed an attachment for a hose to get clean water in the garage. They also hooked up the drinking system to my refrigerator. Since I didn’t have an existing line connected, it was not easy. they had to thread the line from my refrigerator, back behind my cabinets and to the the sink. Other companies said I had to hire someone else to have this line installed before they would install a reverse osmosis. Soft water Nevada did this for me at no extra cost. I’ve had my system for about a month now and could not be any happier. It is truly an investment for your quality of life. Who wants to walk around daily feeling dry, itchy and ashy? My skin feels amazing and the water tastes great!!

J. Ness

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resolve hard water problem with water softeners soft water nevada

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